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Archived Minutes 2009-2010

Redux: Topics discussed at SAC meetings 2009-2010

A Table of Contents to our minutes for the 09-10 academic year. Show your support or distain for any issue by emailing your representative, or email staffsac to reach us all!

  • 19 May 2010 : Welcome new reps; Thank you retiring reps; Parking; Sustainability; Online Phone Directory; Spring Fling
  • 21 April 2010 : Follow-up to All-Staff Meeting; SAC nominations; Parking; Memorial Day/Labor Day; Staff Handbook changes
  • 17 March 2010 : Allied Barton; Spring All-Staff Meeting; Paid leave for volunteer/service work; Phonebook project; election reminder
  • 17 February 2010 : All-Staff Meeting; Elections
  • 27 January 2010 : Holiday study group; Staff Development Week feedback/discussion; Spring All-Staff agenda plannng; Benefit inquiry - paid leave for volunteer/service work
  • 16 December 2009 : Holiday Gathering feedback; Staff Development Week update; Holiday study group update; Ad-Hoc Financial Planning Group/Board of Managers decisions
  • 18 November 2009 : Online phone directory; Jury Duty; Winter Gathering; Staff Development Week; All-Staff Meeting response
  • 21 October 2009 : Faculty Staff Benefits Committee updates; Memorial Day/Labor Day; Giving Tree; Staff Development Week
  • 16 September 2009 : Bryn Mawr Workshop series; Ad-Hoc Financial Planning Group; Memorial Day/Labor Day; Staff Development Week