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27 January 2010

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for January 27, 2010

Mary Marissen convened the meeting at 9:35 a.m. in the Scheuer Room of Kohlberg Hall.

Members Present:

Mary Marissen, Lois Falzone, Betsy Durning, Terry McGrath, Janet McSwiggan, Lynn Grady, Pat Hearty, Beth Baksi, John A. Dukes, Joseph Deasey.

Ex-Officio Members Present:

Melanie Young, Sharmaine LaMar

Holiday Study Group

Melanie Young reported on behalf of the Holiday Study Group who is investigating paid time off and holidays among our comparison group. The group just received the salary data that is the final piece of information necessary complete the evaluation and make their recommendation.

Staff Development Week Feedback/Discussion

Sharmaine LaMar reported that the Staff Development week went well, and commended the planning group in their work with this program. The group is waiting for the online assessment to be completed. Overall, it seemed to be a positive experience for many of the participants with a variety of sessions being offered. The timing of the Staff Development week was considered to be at a difficult time for the academic administrative assistants. It was recommended to consider planning the next Staff Development week during the Spring or Fall Break. It was noted that the vast majority of the participants were women; SAC members discussed some topics and programs to include that might interest the participation of more men. Suggestions for topics for future sessions may be sent to Sharmaine LaMar.

Spring All-Staff Meeting/Agenda

The main agenda item for the Spring All-Staff Meeting will be the budget, with concerns for the present academic year as well as future ones. It was recommended to add the results of the survey assessments from Staff Development Week to the agenda of the All-Staff Meeting. Additionally, SAC members will consider adding a presentation from the Staff Development Week for the All-Staff Meeting.

Benefit Inquiry

Mary Marissen reported that a member of her Circle inquired about the College matching vacation time used for volunteer service work with paid time off. The College previously approved this for staff wanting to assist on work crews post-Katrina. Cost and approved projects would have to be considered. Mary will request a written proposal from her Circle member for SAC; SAC will then review the proposal and decide whether or not to recommend it to the Faculty & Staff Benefits Committee.

The meeting concluded at approximately 10:15. Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 17, 2010.