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17 March 2010

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for 17 March 2010


Mary Marissen, Carolyn Saufley, Cathy Pescatore, Lois Falzone, Beth Baksi, Pat Hearty, Tami Gura, Janet McSwiggan, Terry McGrath

Ex Officio Members:

Melanie Young, Sharmaine LaMar

Mary Marissen convened the meeting at 9:35a.m. in the Scheuer Room of Kohlberg Hall.

Allied Barton:

The College has contracted with Allied Barton to provide security during a part-time overnight shift which we have difficulty staffing. A student group has taken issue with the Allied Barton contract as Allied Barton is a non union operation. Melanie Young and Owen Redgrave are meeting with students to address their concerns.

Spring All-Staff Meeting:

The next All-Staff meeting will be held on April 8, 2010, 10:30a.m. in the Lang PAC cinema. Agenda items will include: HR announcements and a budget update. Swarthmore College’s Corporal John Dukes has offered to do a brief presentation on identity theft including tips on how to avoid becoming an identity theft victim. Mary Marissen will follow-up with him to confirm this agenda item.

Paid Leave for Staff Volunteer/Service Work:

Staff members who choose to use paid time off to provide service/relief efforts (i.e. for Katrina, Haiti, Habitat for Humanity, etc) have inquired about whether or not the College might provide matching time off.  A few of our peer institutions offer limited time off for service, but not a matching program. Anyone interested in pursuing this idea should let their SAC representative know.

Phonebook Project:

The Sustainability Committee has asked that fewer paper phone books be delivered to campus as there is tremendous waste of the many phonebooks provided to the College. Mary Marissen will contact Mark Dumic and get back to us on how SAC might help.

Election Reminder:

SAC vacancies including Lang, Magill, Scott, South, Whittier, and Tarble Circles will be filled this spring. Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:35.

Respectfully submitted by Janet McSwiggan.