Highlighted and Recent Publications

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Possible signatures of dissipation from time-series analysis techniques using a turbulent laboratory magnetohydrodynamic plasma. D.A. Schaffner, M.R. Brown, and A.B. Rock. Physics of Plasmas 23 055709 (2016). [pdf]


Multifractal and Monofractal Scaling in a Laboratory Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Experiment. D.A. Schaffner and M.R. Brown. Astrophysical Jounal. 811 1 (2015). [pdf]

Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: Observation and experiment. M.R. Brown, D.A. Schaffner, and P.J. Weck. Physics of Plasmas. 22 055601 (2015). [pdf]

SSX MHD plasma wind tunnel. M.R. Brown and D.A. Schaffner. Journal of Plasma Physics. 81 345810302 (2015). [pdf]

Permutation entropy and statistical complexity analysis of turbulence in laboratory plasmas and the solar wind. P.J. Weck*, D.A. Schaffner, and M.R. Brown. Physical Review E. 91 023101 (2015). [pdf]


Laboratory sources of turbulent plasma: a unique MHD plasma wind tunnel. M. R. Brown and D. A. Schaffner. Plasma Sources and Science Technology. 23 063001 (2014). [pdf] 

Temporal and Spatial Turbulent Spectra of MHD Plasma and an Observation of Variance Anisotropy, D.A. Schaffner, M.R. Brown and V.S. Lukin. The Astrophysical Journal 790 126 (2014). [pdf]

Observation of turbulent intermittency scaling with magnetic helicity in an MHD plasma wind tunnel, D.A. Schaffner, A. Wan and M.R. Brown. Physical Review Letters 112 165001 (2014). [pdf]

Turbulence analysis of an experimental flux rope plasma. D.A. Schaffner, V.S. Lukin, A. Wan, M.R. Brown. Plasma Physics Controlled Fusion 56 064003 (2014). [pdf]


Observation of a Relaxed Plasma State in a Quasi-Infinite Cylinder. T. Gray, M. R. Brown, and D. Dandurand, Physical Review Letters 110 085002 (2013). [pdf]


Spectroscopic observation of simultaneous bi-directional reconnection outflows in a laboratory plasma. M. R. Brown, C. D. Cothran, T. Gray, C. E. Myers, and E. V. Belova, Physics of Plasmas 19, 080704 (2012). [pdf]


Calibrated Cylindrical Mach Probe in a Plasma Wind Tunnel. X. Zhang*, D. Dandurand, T. Gray, M. R. Brown, and V. S. Lukin, Review of Scientific Instruments 82, 033510 (2011). [pdf]

*Undergraduate First-Author


Observation of a Helical Self-Organized State in a Compact Toroidal Plasma. C. D. Cothran, M. R. Brown, T. Gray, M. J. Schaffer, G. Marklin, Physical Review Letters 103, 215002 (2009). [pdf]

Spectroscopic Measurements of Temperature and Plasma Impurity Concentration During Magnetic Reconnection at the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment. V. H. Chaplin*, M. R. Brown, D. H. Cohen, T. Gray, C. D. Cothran, Physics of Plasmas 16, 042505 (2009).[pdf]

*Undergraduate First-Author

Selected Papers 1998-2008

Flow Dynamics and Plasma Heating of Spheromaks in SSX. M.R. Brown, C.D. Cothran, D.H. Cohen, J. Horwitz, and V. Chaplin. Journal of Fusion Energy 27, 16 (2008). [pdf]

Dipole Trapped Spheromak in a Prolate Flux Conserver. M.R. Brown, C.D. Cothran, J.Fung, M.Chang, J.Horwitz, M.J. Schaffer, J.Leuer, E.V. Belova. Physics of Plasmas 13, 102503 (2006) [pdf]

Rapid Multiplexed Data Acquisition: Application to Three-dimensional Magnetic Field Measurements in a Turbulent Laboratory Plasma. M. Landreman*, C.D. Cothran, M.R. Brown , M. Kostora, and J.T. Slough. Review of Scientific Instruments 74, 2361 (2003). [pdf]

Numerical Modeling of Magnetohydrodynamic Activity in the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment. V.S. Lukin*, G. Qin, W.H. Matthaeus, and M.R. Brown. Physics of Plasmas 8, 1600 (2001). [pdf]

Turbulent Conductivity Measurements in a Spherical Liquid Sodium Flow. A.B. Reighard* and M.R. Brown.  Physical Review Letters 86, 2794 (2001). [pdf]

Experimental Observation of Correlated Magnetic Reconnection and Alfvenic Ion Jets. T.W. Kornack*, P.K. Sollins, and M.R. Brown. Physical Review E 58, R36 (1998). [pdf]

Scaling Studies of Spheromak Formation and Equilibrium. C.G.R. Geddes*, T.W. Kornack, and M.R. Brown. Physics of Plasmas 5, 1027 (1998). [pdf]

*Undergraduate First-Author