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Tales of American Royalty: An Exercise of American History McCabe Exhibition


Imagine eight-year old Cato receiving John F. Kennedy and PT 109, the heroic story of JFK rescuing his men from the flames of a destroyed ship, swimming miles in shark infested water and surviving on coconuts. Since the receipt of that memorable gift Cato has amassed a collection that encompasses the myth, memory, narrative and artifact of the Kennedy clan.

The book collection documents the history of the iconic Kennedy family and illustrates a lifelong fascination for Paul Cato who won 2nd prize for the A. Edward Newton Book Collection Competition.

The A. Edward Newton Student Book Collection Competition is the longest-running collegiate book collecting competition in the nation. Started in the 1930s by a renowned Philadelphia book collector, A. Edward Newton, the competition annually awards cash prizes to the three Swarthmore College students who submit the best essays and annotated bibliographies of their book collections. More