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Religion Honors Major Dina Zingaro '13 at CBS News

Religion Honors Major Dina Zingaro ’13 works in the newsroom of CBS News as a Broadcast Associate and Assistant to Scott Pelley, the anchor of CBS Evening News and correspondent for 60 Minutes.

Working for both shows, Dina is pursuing the religion beat that she discovered as a sophomore in her first Swarthmore religion course. Most recently, she pitched and co-produced three stories for CBS Evening News (see links to stories below).

In the wake of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Dina pitched and co-produced Muslims in America, a panel interview with Scott Pelley and five Muslim millennials. The conversation focused on Islamophobia and what it means to be Muslim in America. This month, she co-produced a story about the first US Sikh soldier after a 35-year ban to receive a religious accommodation from the military while on active duty to wear his turban and beard. Earlier in August 2015, she co-produced a feature about a Palestinian-born Arab-American refugee comedian who uses humor to combat anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic sentiment.

Outside of CBS, Dina was awarded a Handa Fellowship this year, along with 27 other religion journalists, for a year-long program of study in religious literacy and plurality. Fellows participate in monthly seminars and bi-annual conferences such as training sessions with the Pontifical University of Santa Croce about Pope Francis and with the United Nations about religion’s role in its relief efforts. These conversations aim to continue a diverse, nuanced and accurate dialogue about faith and spirituality in newsrooms.

Muslims in America, The CBS Evening News

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Captain Singh, The CBS Evening News

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