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Student Experiences

Kendi White"My professor recommended that I work with one of her colleagues at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Since then, I have conducted my own research with a great, supportive network of colleagues. In addition to building the study from the ground up, I have also been able to collect data, conduct my own analyses, and present my findings at two conferences. I have even co-authored an article which was published in the Focal Point journal. "

Khendi White
Silver Spring, Md.
Psychology and biology, double major

Ranga Atapattu"Our weekly lab meetings are creative settings where ideas for new research and new analyses of old experiments are thrown around. It is great to be able to take concepts we are learning in the classroom and apply them in the lab. For example, I am gaining new skills in working with animal models of behavior in my Physiological Psychology courses and lab."

Ranga Atapattu
Northford, Conn.
Honors psychobiology major