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Job, Internship, and Graduate School Resources

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Job and Internship Resources

Career Counseling (Swarthmore Career Services) - Not sure where to start? Need help with writing resume, cover letter, or improving upon interview skills? Make an one-on-one career counseling appointment to help you get a head start on career planning. Career counseling services are available to all current students and alumni. 

Handshake/UCAN- These are jobs and internships databases managed or co-managed by Swarthmore. Only open to Swarthmore students and alumni. 

SPSP Career Center - Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) Career Center has compiled listings of funded opportunities for undergraduate research or research opportunities for recent graduates and those taking a gap year between undergrad and graduate school

Psychology Jobs and Internship Opportunities (maintained by Dr. Camilla McMahon at Miami University) - This site is designed for undergraduate students and recent graduates seeking full-time or summer research opportunities in Psychology.

Psychology Jobs and Research Opportunities (Department of Psychology at Georgetown University) - This site contains job and research opportunities for undergraduates, post-bacs, graduate students, and post docs.

Psychology Job Postings (maintained by Swarthmore Psychology Department)- This Google drive folder created by our department is open for public. 

Post-Grad Lab Position Postings (maintained by Psychology Grad School Wiki) - This site has information about Grad School positions and other post-bacc research positions.

Clinical Psychology Research Position (maintained by the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology). This site has information about Clinical Psychology Research Positions and Clinical Psychology Faculty who are accepting new Graduate Students.

Considering Graduate School in Psychology?

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the process of applying to graduate school.

How does the grad school application process look like?

Link to download this timeline infographic

How do I decide if Graduate School is right for me? 

You should make an appointment to your faculty advisor or research mentor to discuss your interest in Graduate School. Additionally, you can schedule an appointment with a Swarthmore Career Counselor for personalized help through the decision-making and learning about application process. You are also encouraged to attend Psychology Department's Graduate Research Panel during the Fall Semester. You will get the chance to learn about Graduate Schools, programs, application process from our faculty. 

How do I find a program that is right for me?

Connect and discuss with faculty in the field you intend to pursue to find out about programs that might be a good fit for your interests and goals. There are a wide range of possible considerations that may factor into one’s choice of programs to apply to. This site from Association for Psychological Science (APS) also provides a great reference for some steps to deciding what kind of graduate program may be right for you.​​​​

What do I need to do to apply to graduate school?

Typically you need to submit competitive GRE scores and GPA, official transcripts, a resume or curriculum vita (CV), well-written personal statement(s), and letters of recommendation. You will want to check requirements for each school to which you plan to apply, but the above list will give you an idea of what to expect.


Further Resources for Graduate School Application

Before you apply to graduate school in Psychology

Resources for Graduate School Application in Psychology by Luiza Almeida Santos '18 and Kirsten Morehouse '18

The Psychology Grad School Wiki for prospective students.

Procedures for applying to Graduate School by Swarthmore Psychology Department.

Graduate School application timeline (adapted from the Princeton Review).

Preparing and Applying for Graduate School in Psychology

Smart shopping for psychology doctoral programs from American Psychological Association (includes worksheet checklist for comparing programs)

For Clinical Psychology Ph.D programs:

Mitch’s Uncensored Advice for Applying to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology

Getting into Clinical Psych Grad School - A free resource provided by the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology

Graduate School in Clinical Psychology Guide by Dr. Jessica Schleider '12

Open Access Tips/Materials for Clinical Psych PhD Applications

Faculty Taking Graduate Students