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Sophomore Planning

When are sophomore plans due?

Sophomore Plans will be created in February of your sophomore year. They are usually due in early March.

Where do I complete my sophomore plan?

Early in the Spring semester, students complete their Sophomore Plan electronically via the mySwarthmore website.

What should my plan include as a Political Science major/minor?

Future courses:  Enter a list of the courses that you plan to take related to your major(s), minor(s) and any remaining distribution requirements.  

Political Science majors must have taken one intro course and one other POLS course to be accepted as a major. You must take one course in each subfield (American Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Theory), and must complete 8.5 credits. You must include the senior comprehensive  (POLS 092) in Spring of your senior year.

Narrative: Write a short essay in the narrative box, describing what you want to study and why. 

Honors: Indicate whether you plan to pursue the Honors Program. If you plan to pursue Honors, complete the Honors Plan.

Honors majors and minors must list the honors preparations they plan to take in the next two years. Please review our website for an accurate listing of upcoming honors seminars. To be accepted as an honors major/minor in Political Science, you must have a POLS GPA of 3.67

What resources are available to assist me with my plan?

Our department will assign you an advisor to your sophomore plan once you indicate your intended major/minor in mySwarthmore. 

Dean Liz Derickson (Assoc. Dean of Academic Success) can help you with sophomore planning dilemmas, and Mira Baric (Student Affairs Division) supports the overall Sophomore Planning process.