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Learning Goals

Department of Political Science

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental political processes, institutions, actors, and relationships, and the theoretical concepts and ideas that move them;
  2. Demonstrate a familiarity with major theorists and theories, methods and concepts in Political Science and several of its major subfields;
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in thinking systematically and historically about political actors and interactions in national, regional, global and international contexts;
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in thinking critically and creatively about the ethical dimensions of politics;
  5. Write effectively in making strong, evidence-backed arguments, engage in intellectually grounded oral debate and discussion, and form and express cogently formulated arguments and interpretations;
  6. Synthesize, analyze, and critically evaluate major arguments in the discipline as a whole and in major subfields of the discipline;
  7. Assess original and secondary sources of argument and evidence and apply scholarship to new areas of research;
  8. Develop abilities to engage with the broader world, applying disciplinary knowledge to understand and possibly shape political processes, institutions, and discourse.