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Admission to Honors Seminars

Placement in Honors seminars is normally limited to Honors students. Occasionally, there is room in a seminar for non-honors students, but this is rare and at the discretion of the teacher. Honors seminars in the Political Science Department are normally full.

Students should request placement in scheduled Honors seminars in three ways: by including the seminar in the sophomore plan, by including it in the application for participation in the Honors program, and by a request to the Chair in person. All honors students in the Department must get the approval of the Chair of the Department for their honors program by meeting with the Chair. The department maintains priority lists for enrollment in every seminar we anticipate offering in the next two academic years. We add the names of qualified students to these lists in the order their requests for seminar placement are received, with honors majors always receiving priority over non-honors majors. Seniors, including special majors, are given priority over juniors and non-honors majors. If a seminar is full, the names of students who wish to be placed in that seminar are added to a waiting list.

To be fair to everyone, we ask each student not to request placement in more than two seminars in any one semester. In addition, there is an overall limit of three seminars for majors and one seminar for others.

We make every effort to offer the seminars we announce. However, our plans for seminar offerings (as for courses) could change if our assumptions about faculty availability and student interest prove incorrect. Hence, inclusion on a priority list is not a guarantee that the seminar will be offered, or that you will get in. Sometimes, seminars are lotteried. It is best to discuss your participation in a seminar with the faculty member who is teaching it.