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Sachie Hayakawa

Sachie Hayakawa

Hometown: West Linn, Ore.
High School: West Linn High School
Intended major: Political science, environmental studies
Possible career: Undecided

As president of Global Awareness Take Action at West Linn High, Sachie helped establish and maintain a relationship with a sister school in Chwele, Kenya, bringing four Kenyan students to West Linn and helping to raise $25,000 for their school improvements and scholarships. Sachie worked hard to raise awareness and inform the community of issues of importance around the world. She prmoted fair trade t-shirt sales to raise awareness of sweat shops and child labor. She also attended the Model UN National Conference in New York City as a delegate. In 2006 she traveled to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding efforts following Hurricane Katrina.

Sachie used her Evans scholarship to spend the summer after her freshman year in Tanzania, living with a Tanzanian family who founded a local orphanage. She spent her time working and playing with the kids and helping them develop English language skills. She also traveled within the country and spent time in Zanzibar.

During the summer of 2011, Sachie lived in Thailand and taught English at a free education center for Burmese refugees. Many of the students were Burmese political activists. She also worked on a campaign for the release of women political prisoners. During the final two weeks of the summer she traveled to Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

At Swarthmore, Sachie is a captain of the Warmothers Ultimate Frisbee team and is a member of Mountain Justice and MULTI.