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Ryan Kuker '06

Ryan Kuker '06

Ryan Kuker '06 is an equity analyst with Avesta Capital, an equity hedge fund in New York. He majored in economics and was a founding member of the Swarthmore Business Association and the Swarthmore Investment Club. Ryan used a significant portion of his Evans Opportunity Grants to co-found TOPSoccer with fellow Evans Scholar Rhiannon Graybill '06. He also traveled to Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, and England, and spent a semester studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

In His Own Words

Describe yourself in five words or less

"Tenacious, passionate, goofy, resourceful"

What were the most valuable Evans experiences for you?

"Outward Bound: My Evans class spent a week aboard one of Outward Bound's sailboats in the Chesapeake Bay before our first year orientation. The relationships built during that experience evolved into amazing friendships that have extended well beyond Swarthmore."

"Mentoring: The Evans Scholar program was a cornerstone of my Swarthmore experience. Thoughtful guidance from my Evans advisers spanning many aspects of life on and off campus complemented recommendations from my academic advisor, which created a sound path for me at Swarthmore."

"Travel: The Evans Scholars Program enabled me to travel to Australia and Eastern Europe. The new perspectives gained on my journey funded with an opportunity grant from the Evans program shaped a deeper view of the world."

Did the Evans program have any impact on what you're doing now?

I was fascinated by the interplay of numerous variables in the stock market. The Evans Scholars Program helped me secure an internship in investment management in New York. I am currently employed by the same firm.

What was the most transformative class you took at Swarthmore?

Thinking, Judgment, and Decision Making (a psychology course). Professor Barry Schwartz was captivating. We explored the decision making process, which has direct links to investment management.