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Oscar Leong

Oscar Leong '16

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
High School: Cathedral High School
Intended major: Mathematics
Possible career: Academia

2 Words: Compassionate & Driven

What impact do you want to have on the world? 

I want to show other minority students that higher education is a potential path for them. As a minority progressing through academia, it becomes more prevalent that very few of your peers look like you or have shared similar experiences as you. This can be quite intimidating and discouraging for young students. I hope that in the future I can do my part in dispelling the notion that higher education is not geared towards minority students. 

Name a person you admire: My parents! I can't possibly choose one. 

What is something you are proud of in your life? I have presented my research at 5 conferences over the past two years. 

What have been the most valuable Evans Scholars program experiences for you? My Evans funds allowed me to study in Hungary at the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. Studying abroad was transformative experience and one that I will never forget!