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Maggie Christ

Maggie Christ '17

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

High School: UWC Atlantic College, Wales, UK

Intended Major: History and Economics

Possible Career: Public Interest Lawyer

3 Words: Enthusiastic, Bubbly, Curious

What impact do you want to have on the world?

Through tools such as policy change and the law, I hope to have the chance to make lasting impacts on the lives of individuals whom current systems - including the courts, prisons, schools, and others - too often fail. 

What have been the most valuable Evans Scholars program experiences for you? 

I'm very grateful to Evans for the opportunities I've had to explore and expand my interests, particularly in the realm of law, the past two summers. I've also really enjoyed staying connected to the Evans community through study breaks, the fall trips, and other events throughout the year. 

What was the most transformative class you have taken and/or what subjects do you want to explore deeply? Both my summer Evans experiences and classes like "Black Urban Community" in the History Department have heightened my interests in - and passions for - racial justice issues in the criminal justice system and beyond.