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Class of '10 Scholars

Lauren Adderley

photo of Lauren Adderley

Hometown: North Charleston, S.C.
High School: Academic Magnet High School
Major: Black studies and literature
Possible career: Higher Learning

Annyika (Nyika) Corbett

photo of Annyika (Nyika) Corbett

Hometown: Broadbent, Ore.
High School: Myrtle Point High School
Major: Economics, minor in public policy
Possible Career: "something exciting"

Daniel Damen

photo of Daniel Damen

Hometown: Stockton, Ca.
High School: Lincoln High School
Major: Psychology, minor in philosophy
Possible Career: Physician

Sarah Noble

photo of Sarah Noble

Hometown: Tulsa, Okla.
High School: Jenks High School
Major: Sociology and anthropology, minor in religion
Possible Career: International Relations

Roseanna Sommers

photo of Roseanna Sommers

Hometown: Piedmont, Ca.
High School: Piedmont High
Major: Psychology, minor in educational studies
Possible Career: Undecided