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Class of '09 Scholars

Suneal Singh Bedi

photo of Suneal Singh Bedi

Hometown: Zephyrhills, FL
High School: Zephyrhills High School
Intended Major: Biology
Possible Career: Law

Grace Chang

photo of Grace Chang

Hometown: North Potomac, MD
High School: T. S. Wootton High
Intended Major: Political Science, Psychology
Possible Career: Child Advocacy, Law or Business

Rafael Rivero

photo of Rafael Rivero

Hometown: Miami, FL
High School: Coral Reef SeniorHigh School
Intended Major: Political Science & Public Policy
Possible Career: Think-Tank Analyst

Crystal Richardson

photo of Crystal Richardson

Hometown: McKinleyville, CA
High School: Northcoast Prep & Performing Arts Academy
Intended Major: Studio Arts & Anthropology
Possible Career: Undecided

Virginia Tice

photo of Virginia Tice

Hometown: Oakland, CA
High School: The College Preparatory School
Intended Major: English, Political Science
Possible Career: Writing, Editing, Politics, Foreign Policy

Keith Torrey

photo of Keith Torrey

Hometown: Villa Hills, KY
High School: Holmes High School
Intended Major: Pre-law and Environmental Studies
Possible Career: Law