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Comprehensive Courses List

The following courses constitute the foundation for work in Peace and Conflict Studies. Student programs may, subject to prior approval by the Committee, also include independent study; special attachments to courses that are not listed here; and courses offered at Haverford College, Bryn Mawr College, the University of Pennsylvania and abroad. Courses may not be offered every semester. Courses without links to the catalog are not currently offered. (See notes for courses marked with † and * symbols at the bottom of this section ).

* Courses marked with an asterisk (*) may be applied toward a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies following written approval from the instructor and the program chair. Course materials may be requested for confirmation after the course is completed. Download the appropriate form here.

† See notes on cross-listed courses: course minor, honors minor.

Course Number Course Title
ECON 012 Game Theory and Strategic Behaviors (Bayer)
ECON 051 The International Economy (Golub)*
ECON 065 Health, Conflict, and Public Policy (Singh)
ECON 081 Economic Development (O'Connell)*
ECON 082 Political Economy of Africa (O'Connell)
ECON 151 International Economics: Seminar (Golub)*
English Literature
Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
ENGL 009J Revolution and Revolt [FYS] (Cohen)
ENGL 083 On Violence (Patnaik)
Course Number Course Title
HIST 006B The Modern Middle East* 
HIST 034 Antisemetism Through the Ages (Weinberg)
HIST 037 History and Memory: Perspectives on the Holocaust (Weinberg)†
HIST 049 Race and Foreign Affairs (Murphy)
HIST 090O Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and U.S. involvement


Modern Languages and Literatures
Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
LITR 025A War in Arab Literature and Cinema [ARAB 025] (Al-Masri)
LITR 030A Literature of Resistance [ARAB 030] (Smith)
LITR 083J War & Postwar in Japanese Culture [JPNS 083] (Gardner)
SPAN 084 Mexico: 1968: la violencia [SPAN 084] (Buiza)
SPAN 088 Shattered Past: Traua and Effect in Postwar Central American Literature [SPAN 088] (Buiza)



Music and Dance
Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
DANC 004 The Arts as Social Change [MUSI 006] (Friedler)
MUSI 105 Music and War


Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
Peace & Conflict Studies
PEAC 003 Crisis Resolution in the Middle East (Atshan)
PEAC 015 Introduction to Peace Studies (Smithey/Atshan)
PEAC 039 Social Entrepreneurship for Social Change (Crossan)
PEAC 043 Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change (Atshan)
PEAC 049 Be the Change: Social Entrepreneurship in Principle and Practice (Crossan)
PEAC 053 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Atshan)
PEAC 070 Research Internship/Field Work
PEAC 071B Research Seminar: Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle (Smithey, Lakey) [SOAN 071B, POLS 081]
PEAC 077 Special Topics: Peace Studies and Action (Smithey)
PEAC 090 Thesis
PEAC 093 Directed Reading
PEAC 103 Humanitarianism: Anthropological Approaches - 2 credit seminar (Atshan) [ANTH 103]
PEAC 180 Senior Honors Thesis
PEAC 199 Senior Honors Study


Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
PHIL 011 Moral Philosophy* (Thomason)
PHIL 021 Social and Political Philosophy* (Thomason)
PHIL 051 Human Rights and Atrocity (Thomason)


Political Science
Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
POLS 004 International Politics (Tierney, Kaya)
POLS 013 Political Psychology and Moral Engagement (Berger)
POLS 019 Democratic Theory and Practice (Berger)
POLS 047 Democracy, Autocracy and Regime Change ((Farmer)
POLS 053 International Organizations (Levin)
POLS 061 American Foreign Policy (Tierney)
POLS 067 Great Power Rivalry in the 21st Century (Kaya)
POLS 069 Globalization: Politics, Economics, Culture & Environment (Kaya)
POLS 075 International Politics: The Causes of War (Tierney)
POLS 079B Special Topics: Revolutions (Malekzadeh)
POLS 080 Civil Wars (Levin)
POLS 081 Research Seminar: Strategy and Nonviolent Struggle (Smithey, Lakey)
POLS 112 Democratic Theory and Civic Engagement in America (Berger)
POLS 113 International Politics: Security Issues (Tierney)


Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
PSYC 035 Social Psychology* (Ward)


Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
RELG 001C Religion and Terror in an Age of Hope and Fear (Wallace)
RELG 005 World Religions* (Chireau/Kessler)
RELG 023 Living in the Light: Quakers Past/Present* (Ross)
RELG 039 Good and Evil (Wallace)
RELG 100 Holy War, Martyrdom, and Suicide in Christianity, Judaism, Islam (al Jamil)


Sociology & Anthropology
Course Number Course Title (Taught by)
ANTH 003G Development and Its Discontents (Schuetze)
SOCI 010J War, Sport, and the Construction of Masculine Identity (Mullan)
SOCI 010T 1968 and Origins of the New Left: Social Theory (Mullan)
SOCI 025B Transforming Intractable Conflict (Smithey)
SOCI 035C Social Movements and Nonviolent Power (Smithey)
SOCI 040H Security and Defense: Nonviolent Strategies (Lakey)
SOCI 035C Social Movements and Nonviolent Power (Smithey)
SOCI 071B Strategy Non-Violent Struggle Research Seminar (Smithey, Lakey)