Annual Tradition Brings Costumes, Conversation to Sharples Dining Hall

This past weekend at “Screw Your Roommate," friends set each other up on dates, who then had to find each other by wearing clues to their identity. It is one of those traditions, timed to loosely coincide with Valentine's Day, without any real origin story. 

It’s a simple concept: find your roommate a partner, choose a costume, then head to Sharples Dining Hall.

For costumes, some favorites include the traditional such as Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Sonny and Cher; the creative: GoogleMaps and MapQuest, a dog and a fire hydrant; and the downright nerdy: a pair of supply and demand curves or something from abstract song lyrics (e.g. Paul McCartney and Lucy, the Australopithecus afarensis named for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"). 

Once finished with reciting your poetry, singing your song, or whatever else you've been assigned to perform, find your partner and enjoy a meal. It can be a little fun, and then a lot of fun.

“I still love Screw because it’s an opportunity to meet someone else [and] to start a new friendship,” says Lee Tarlin ‘17, a computer science and lingustics major from Framingham, Mass. Tarlin, the Goodbye Doggy, did find his Hello Kitty. 

Enjoy some photos of Screw Your Roommate through the years.