Explanatory Note of First- and Second-year Language Courses


Courses numbered 001-002, 003, and, in some languages also 004, carry 1.5 credits per semester. Four semesters in this sequence are equivalent to two years of work at the college level.

These courses encourage the development of communicative proficiency through an interactive task-based approach, and provide students with an active and rewarding learning experience as they strengthen their language skills and develop their cultural competency.. These courses (1) meet alternately as sections for grammar presentation and small groups for oral practice and (2) may require work in the Language Resource Center.

Students who start in the 001-002 sequence must complete 002 to receive credit for 001. However, students placing directly in 002 can receive 1.5 semester credits for that course. Courses numbered 003, and in some languages also 004, may be taken independently for 1.5 semester credits.