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Seed and Roots Grants

Seed and Roots grants support new faculty projects related to research, teaching, curriculum, or service/governance. The grants are flexible as to the nature and scope of the initiatives funded. Projects might include faculty working groups, reading groups, topical workshops or symposia, exchanges with other liberal arts colleges or universities, or invited speakers. 

Seed Grant support includes up to $3,000 per project, to reimburse expenses appropriate to the nature of the proposal such as travel, hosting events, small honoraria for outside speakers, materials and equipment, etc. Calls for applications will be publicized via email in early March. The Seed and Roots grant proposal deadline is typically in early April, with notification of the successful proposals following by May. 

Funds can be provided for up to 3 years (first year of funding and 2 subsequent renewals) for a maximum of $9000 in financial support. If you have received a Seed Grant in the past, you are eligible to submit a request for a grant renewal.

If you have received a Seed Grant for three years running, you are eligible to apply for a Roots Grant. Roots Grants provide support for projects that began as Seed Grants and now have an established audience and record of successful work.

Seed and Roots grant applications should include:

  1. A list of faculty member(s) involved in the project
  2. A description of the proposed initiative (1-2 pages of narrative)
  3. A detailed budget (Reimbursement for food, reading materials, travel expenses and honoraria up to $500 for visiting speakers or workshop leaders are permissible. Travel and conference or workshop expenses for Tri-Co faculty can be permissible if they will clearly provide a benefit to a group of Tri-Co faculty. The Mellon Tri-Co Faculty Forum cannot fund stipends for Tri-Co faculty.)