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Medieval Studies Courses Offered at Haverford College

Fall 2022


Classical Studies

215 Tales of Troy

East Asian Studies

260 Mid-Imperial China (ca. AD 800-1600)
267 Topics in Comparative History: The Medieval Transformation of Eurasia, circa 1000-1400


201 Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
205 Legends of Arthur
213 Inventing [the] English
220 The Epic in English
224 Early Modern Travel Narratives
301 Topics in Medieval English Literature
302 Speaking in Tongues (sometimes a MS course)
385 Apocalyptic Literature


111 Introduction to Western Civilization (Fall of Rome to 1600)
118 Introduction to the History of Science
237 Geographies of History and the Occult in Early Modern Europe
350 Courtly Science in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe


ITAL B215 The City of Naples


220 Saints and Sinners: Musical Europe before 1400
221 Music, Ritual and Representation 1400-1600


206 History and Literature of Early Christianity
221 Women and Gender in Early Christianity
251 Comparative Mystical Literature
260 Getting Medieval: Tolerance, Persecution and Religious Violence
302 Christians, Muslims and Jews: Religion and Literature in Medieval Spain
353 Seminar in Islamic Philosophy and Theology: The Politics of Hidden Knowledge


230 Medieval and Golden Age Spain: Literature, Culture and Society
340 The Moor in Spanish Literature