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Medieval Studies Courses Offered at Bryn Mawr College

Fall 2022

Spring 2023

African Studies/History

HIST B235. Africa to 1800

Comparative Literature

COML B351. Medieval Encounters in Contemporary Fiction


ENGL B201. Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
ENGL B246. Medievalisms
ENGL B266. Travel and Transgression
ENGL B269. Vile Bodies in Medieval Literature
ENGL B296. Introduction to Medieval Drama; cross-listed as ARTT B296
ENGL B303. Piers Plowman
ENGL B360. Women and Law in the Middle Ages
ENGL B390. Medieval Race
ENGL B396. Troilus and Criseyde


FREN B201. Le Chevalier, la dame et le prêtre: littérature et publics du Moyen Age
FREN B302. Printemps de la parole féminine
FREN B350. Voix médiévales et échos modernes; cross-listed as COML B350)

Greek and Latin

LATN B203. Medieval Latin Literature


HIST B128. Crusade, Conversion and Conquest
HIST B223. The Early Medieval World; cross-listed as CSTS B223
HIST B224. High Middle Ages; cross-listed as CSTS B203
HIST B231. Medicine, Magic and Miracles in the Middle Ages; cross-listed as ARCH B231 and CSTS B231
HIST B246. Medievalisms
HIST B364. Magical Mechanisms: The Early History of Robots, Cyborgs, and Auomata; cross-listed as CSTS B364
HIST B368 Topics in Medieval History: Dark Arts: Medieval Magic; cross-listed as CSTS B368

History of Art and Architecture

HART B106. Art of the Global Middle Ages
HART B210. Medieval Art
HART B212. Medieval Architecture; cross-listed as CITY B212
HART B216. The City of Naples
HART B311. Topics in Medieval Art; cross-listed as CITY B312
HART B610. Topics in Medieval Art


ITAL B207. Dante in Translation
ITAL B208. Petrarca and Boccaccio in Translation
ITAL B301. Dante in Italian
ITAL B303. Petrarca and Boccaccio
ITAL B304. Il Rinascimento in Italia e Oltre
ITAL B307. The Best of Italian Literature