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Friday, April 12, 2024:   The Mary Albertson Lecture in Medieval Studies will be given by Dr. Francesco Marco Aresu, Assistant Professor of Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, on April 12th from 10:30-11:20am in Trotter 301:  Dante's Comedy as Illustrated Book: From Illuminated Manuscripts to Pop Art.  All are welcome. 

Friday, April 7, 2023:  Dr. Caroline Batten '14, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, will present "Whole, Holy, Healthy: Reading Old English Charms" in the Scheuer Room, Kohlberg Hall at 11:30 am.  This lecture introduces a group of magical spells in verse (the so-called 'metrical charms') written down in English manuscripts in the tenth and eleventh centuries, which purport to do everything from curing intractable fevers to easing childbirth to returning stolen cattle. We will examine what these texts have to tell us about bodies -- sick and healthy; normative and unruly; gendered, sexualized, othered -- in the medieval period and in our own time, and consider a new argument about the nature of their unusual and fascinating poetic style.   Lunch will be served - please rsvp to if planning to attend. 

Monday, February 27, 2023: The Mary Albertson Lecture in Medieval Studies was presented  at 5:00pm in Science Center 199 Cunniff Hall.  "Place, Memory, and Kingship in Medieval India: the pasts of King Bhoja as Lieux de Mémoire was presented by Dr. Daud Ali, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair of South Asia Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.