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Sun Park '16

Sun Park

Sun Park '16 is from Langley High School in Virginia. She is still undecided on her major.

"Being a McCabe Scholar has been an incredible honor. Not only did the scholarship lead me to this amazing school but it has also allowed me to meet many wonderful people.

Every single student at Swarthmore is incredibly passionate and supportive of one another. What shocked me the most when I came to Swarthmore was the willingness of students to help each other both academically and emotionally. Swarthmore's history and continued emphasis on camaraderie is still clearly present on campus and every time I get lost in the work I have to do, I force myself to remember that the most amazing people are around me.These are the people who encourage me, who challenge me, and most of all, who inspire me on a day-to-day basis.

I am so grateful to Mr. McCabe for enabling me to be here and allowing me to part of this community."