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Jim Pilkington '07

Jim Pilkington '07

Jim Pilkington '07 majored in History with a minor in Religion.

"Very few days pass where I do not consciously think about the impact that the McCabe Scholarship and Swarthmore have had on my present and future life. Receiving the McCabe will always be one of my proudest accomplishments, and I was fortunate to be able to share the moment with family, teachers, and friends who undoubtedly were a major factor in helping me get to that point in my life.

"The interview process provided a space to examine my own motivations and leadership skills. In many ways, winning the scholarship was an affirmation of the work ethic and worldview that I had developed to that point; it provided not only a confidence in my abilities but also a strong sense of my future potential.

"Being a first-generation college student, the McCabe Scholarship set me on the path to a top liberal arts education, opening the door to the unparalleled academic and social experience of Swarthmore. This experience would serve as a solid foundation for a sound future.

"I was excited to see the supportive community among McCabes while an undergraduate and have been thrilled to be a part of the growth of the McCabe Scholar Society that seeks to cultivate an even greater bond among McCabes through more frequent social events.

"I am proud to be able to call myself both a Swarthmore alum and a McCabe Scholar. Furthermore, I am grateful to be able to live out Thomas B. McCabe's desire that Scholars remain in the region to apply their skills, as I am currently a third grade associate teacher at Wilmington Friends School."