Class of 2018

Maggie Eberts

Photo of Maggie Eberts, a McCabe Scholar from the Class of 2018High School: Henderson High School
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Major(s): Computer Science
Minor(s): Mathematics, Spanish
Activities: Varsity Women's Swimming, Swarthmore College Orchestra, Women in Computer Science (WICS), Chemistry Alchemist


Tyler Huntington

Photo of Tyler Huntington, a McCabe Scholar in the class of 2018High School: The Athenian School
Hometown: Danville, CA
Major(s): Biology
Minor(s): Environmental Studies
Activities: Swarthmore Cycling Club, Lang Opportunity Scholarship (LOS) Program, Outsiders Club, Research Assistant in the Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability (BENS) group led by Dr. Elizabeth Nichols

Christopher Malafronti

Photo of Chris Malafronti, a McCabe Scholar in the Class of 2018High School: Sanford School
Hometown: Newark, DE
Major(s): Special Major in Critical Mixed Race Studies
Minor(s): Psychology, Spanish
Activities: Co-President of Multi, Theater, Mountain Justice


Jeff Novak

Photo of Jeff Novak, a McCabe Scholar in the Class of 2018High School: Westtown School
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Major(s): Mathematics, Computer Science
Minor(s): None
Activities: Admissions Fellow, OSE Intern, Computer Science TA, Communications SnapChat Specialist, Club Soccer, TopSoccer Volunteer


Bridget Scott

Photo of Bridget Scott, a McCabe Scholar in the Class of 2018High School: Strath Haven High School
Hometown: Media, PA
Major(s): Biology, Educational Studies Special Major
Minor(s): Environmental Studies
Activities: Varsity Women's Volleyball, Varsity Women's Basketball, Center for Innovation and Leadership Intern, Office of Sustainability Intern, Garnet Go Green