Substance-Free Housing

Based on student feedback, The Office of Student Engagement has offered provide Substance-Free communities as an option for upper-class students since Fall 2015.  In Substance-Free communities, the possession or use of alcohol, controlled substances and tobacco products by residents or their guests is prohibited in student rooms and public spaces.  If residents or their guests choose to use such substances outside of the Substance-Free community, the results of that choice must not have a negative impact upon residents or property upon return to the community. For 2018-2019, 3rd Hallowell Hall will continue to be designated as Substance-Free.

Substance-Free communities will work closely with the Resident Assistant, Office of Student Engagement professional staff, as well as other campus partners in order to provide educational and social opportunities for both the residents as well as the greater community.  The residents of the community will also invest time at the beginning of the year exploring and developing community expectations.

If you are interested in living in the Substance-Free Housing Community for 2018-2019, please complete the appropriate housing form. Room placements will be determined based upon lottery number. Because there are a limited amount of singles, please list your roommate, should you choose to be selected for this community. Please note that your roommate should also complete the form as well. By completing the selection form, you are agreeing to live in the community for the 2018-2019 year if you are selected.  Typically, rising seniors and most juniors will be able to receive a single, with some juniors and all sophomores receiving a double.  

Please note: Please complete this form if you are genuinely interested in living in a substance-free community, and not as a way to bypass the Spring Lottery/Blocking/Preference Processes.  Students who are found to not be in compliance of the substance-free community will be required to relocate to another space and their subsequent lottery number penalized for next year's lottery.

Substance-Free Housing Form

If you have any specific questions regarding Substance-Free Housing, please contact Isaiah Thomas, Assistant Director of Residential Communities.