Seeking Campus Housing from a Leave

If you are currently taking a leave from the college or intending to take a leave, and you want to seek housing for the upcoming semester, the first step you MUST do is read the Taking Time Off site and contact Dean Liz Derickson with the information described on the website.  This site contains important information regarding leaving and returning to the college.  Liz Derickson, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, is responsible for the process for students leaving and returning to the college, and can assist you in the process.  Once the Office of Student Engagement receives official notice from Dean Derickson that you are approved to return, housing options can then be explored.  

If this step has already been completed, please review the following options you can consider regarding seeking housing:

Option 1: You will participate in the December/Spring Housing Lottery & Blocking
Option 2: You want to be "Pulled-In" to a room with a friend (only applies to Fall "on-leave" students)
Option 3: You are interested in living Off-Campus

Option 1: December/Spring Housing Lottery & Blocking

Blocking is only available for the Spring Housing Lottery Process (not the December Housing Lottery).  If you are interested in Blocking, first, review all information on the following site: Blocking Process.  As an abroad/away student, you will need to have someone on campus ensure that they can write your name down on the Blocking Application on your behalf.  

If you are interested in choosing a room via the Housing Lottery,  the first step you should do is you must identify a proxy who can select a room for you during the December or Spring Housing Lottery.  It is your responsibility to make sure your proxy knows your room preferences and is comfortable selecting a room on your behalf. Your selected proxy will then attend the December or Spring Housing Lottery to choose a room for you based on your lottery number.  You do not need to know the name of your proxy ahead of time nor do you need to select housing before you leave; weeks before the lotteries, proxies will register with the Office of Student Engagement.  Please make sure that you pick a reliable person to be your proxy, and they make sure to read emails sent from the Office of Student Engagement regarding housing selection.  Eligibility for housing will be based on the official list from the Registrar's Office.  After the Housing Lottery, it is the responsibility of the proxy to communicate the room selection to the abroad student, but any students who are abroad are welcomed to contact the Office of Student Engagement with any questions regarding their room assignment.

The 2018 December Housing Lottery will be held on Tuesday, December 11 
5:00-6:00pm EST in Science Center 101

You can register your proxy by utilizing the Proxy Registration Form.

More information about housing lotteries and blocking can be found on this site.

Option 2: Being "Pulled-In" to an Available Room (only applies to Fall "on-leave" students):

For any rooms that are partially-vacant (e.g. a double with one vacancy, or a quad with two vacancies), you can be "pulled-in" to live in these rooms and forego participating in the Spring or December Lottery.  This is a popular option if you know of a friend you want to live with when you return.  If you are interested in being "pulled-in" an available room for the upcoming semester, the first step you should do is identify the room that you want to be "pulled-in" to.  Either you, or a proxy of your choice, should communicate with the individual in the room that you want to be "pulled-in" to.  Then, both the student with the vacancy, and EITHER you or your proxy, will email Isaiah Thomas, Director of Residential Communities, stating the desired rooming option.  The Director will communicate with all pairings to confirm that the abroad students has successfully been "pulled-in".  Once you have been "pulled-in" you and your proxy will not participate in any housing lotteries--you're all set!  Please note: Single rooms are NOT available for this option.  This means that if there is an available single within an existing block, a current student CANNOT "pull-in" an abroad student to that space.  If you want a single room, you will have to participate in the December/Spring housing lottery, as all single rooms are available in those processes.

Option 3: Living Off-Campus

If you are interested in living Off-Campus, you MUST complete the "Intent to Live Off-Campus" Form located on the following site: Living Off-Campus.  There are strict dates to when this form must be completed, and fines may apply if the deadlines are not followed.  An email with a link to this application will be released to the entire campus (and those that are abroad) each semester when available (typically early November and early March).  If you need access to the form, please contact Isaiah Thomas.  

Questions: Contact Isaiah Thomas, Director of Residential Communities or Liz Derickson, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs