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Latinx Heritage Month 2015

What is Latinx?

"Latinx" refers to a pan-ethnic group of US-residing descendants of Latin Americans. Latinx was created because the 'x' isn't a traditionally genderized letter in Spanish and therefore includes all people of all genders, and people who identify as agender. It is pronounced "la-teen-ex" or "la-teen-ess." From September 15 to October 15, Latinx Heritage Month celebrates these peoples and their heritage. 

Meet the LHM Committee

Committee Chair: Michelle Castellanos ‘16

Marketing Chair: Freddy Bernardino ‘18

Community Relations Co-Chairs: Jesus Hernandez ’19 & Jennifer Beltran ‘18

Logistics Co-Chair: Sam Wang ’18

Archivist/Documentarian: Gilbert Guerra ‘19 & Brandon Torres ‘18