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LHM Committee

Committee Chair: Michelle Castellanos ‘16

Marketing Chair: Freddy Bernardino ‘18

Community Relations Co-Chairs: Jesus Hernandez ’19 & Jennifer Beltran ‘18

Logistics Co-Chair: Sam Wang ’18

Archivist/Documentarian: Gilbert Guerra ‘19 & Brandon Torres ‘18


Jesus Hernandez '19

I am currently a freshman and I plan on majoring in Engineering. I come all the way from sunny Sylmar, California, and my parents grew up in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. I love playing wheelchair basketball, tennis, and cycling along the beach.

Purpose: To me, Latinx Heritage Month is the time for our voice to be heard. It is the time where we can share our presence—and all the rich culture that comes with it—with the campus and the community of Swarthmore.

Sam Wang '18

Hi! My name is Sam Wang and I'm a sophomore planning to major in Political Science and Economics. I am an international student from China. I like debate, travel and foreign-language music.

Purpose: I fell in love with Latin American and Latinx culture since high school. Being a part of LHM is an opportunity for me to understand the Latinx community better, and I'd love to see its culture flourish on Swarthmore campus.

Jennifer Beltrán '18

Hey everyone! My name is Jennifer Beltrán and I am from Southern California. I plan on double majoring in Economics and Spanish. Here on campus I am on the indoor/outdoor track teams and also a Diversity Peer Advisor. My family is from Sinaloa, México and spicy salsa makes me happy.

Purpose: I decided to be part of the LHM committee to show the Swarthmore Community that Latinx-identifying students are here and proud. It's a time to come together and celebrate our culture and everything else that makes us unique.

Maria Castaneda '18

Hi! My name is Maria, I'm a sophomore planning on special majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and Spanish. I was born in Michoacán, Mexico, but I grew up in North Carolina. I have been involved with immigration activism for years and I've been able to continue my work in Philly. I love to read, write, and listen to rancheras y corridos.

Purpose: Latinx Heritage Month is an opportunity for us to come together to grow and celebrate our heritage. It is a time for us to increase our visibility on campus and show all we have accomplished.

Gilbert Guerra '19

Hi! I'm Gilbert and I'm a freshman planning on dual-majoring in Political Science and Spanish. My family hails from Parral, Chihuahua in Mexico and I grew up in Mississippi. In my free time I like to box, learn new languages, and meet people.

Purpose: Latinx Heritage Month is a time to both celebrate our culture and explore it together as we continually search for the answer to the question: "What is Latinidad?". We hope you will join us on this journey.


Michelle Castellanos '16

Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm a proud Xicana from Brooklyn, New York. I'm a double major in psychology and Spanish, and in the future I hope to practice clinical social work in communities where mental health is taboo. I love reading, writing, and crocheting like the abuelita that I am inside.

Purpose: To me, LHM is the time for us to represent ourselves on this campus. Its a time for us to grow together, and to show solidarity with each other across the campus.