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IC Staff and Interns 2016-2017


IC Team

CreaTech Team

Kyung's Role on the Team:

His two main roles are videography/photography of IC-related events and production of short films for the IC community.

Kyung's Areas of Expertise & Passion:

Cinematography, photography, video production, and post-production (stills/video).

What Might You Want to Connect With Kyung For?

Reach out to Kyung to brainstorm video/photo ideas for your group or to get help with recording events.

Thomas's Role on the Team:

As the Tech Guru, Thomas updates the IC website with any new information such as events, dates/times, and other pertinent info.

Thomas's Areas of Expertise & Passion:

Wordpress/Drupal website design, Google Docs, Coding in Python, C and C++, Video Gaming, Hip-hop

What Might You Want to Connect with Thomas For?

Reach out if you need any assistance in technology related to student orgs and the IC, or if you want to discuss Hip-hop or anything.

Ivan's Role on the Creative and Technical Team:
His main role is levering social media analytics to optimize advertising, marketing, and communicating through all of the IC's social media and online platforms.

Ivan's Areas of Expertise & Passion:
Social media platforms, student outreach, and social media communication trends.

What Might You Want to Connect With Ivan For?
Ivan can help develop students’ capacities to carry out effective social media strategies of engagement, awareness raising, marketing & advertising, and storytelling.

Matt’s Role on the Team:
He works on the CreaTech team to capture and document all events happening for current students and for posterity. He takes care of [Swat Overlaps]( and digitizes past collections of the Intercultural Center.

What Might You Want to Connect with Matt for?
Reach out to him if you are looking at addressing systemic institutional problems are looking for information on historical precedent and how previous generations handled them. 

Dorcas's Role on the Team:
Working with IC-affiliated groups with graphic designing, translating visions into graphic representations, and giving input with regards to aesthetics 

Dorcas's Areas of Expertise & Passion:
Anything art or design related, posters and flyers (using mixed-media, the Procreate app, or Adobe Photoshop), anything requiring an artistic input

What Might You Want to Connect with Dorcas For?
Creating art, brainstorming posters, designing logos, illustrations, decorating your space--please reach out at least 1-3 weeks before your design due date!

Strategy Consultants 

Jun's Role on the Team:

As a Strategy Consultant, Jun seeks to assist members of the Swarthmore IC community as they make their plans and goals materialize into reality. 

Jun's Areas of Expertise & Passion:

Jun has experience in event planning, journalism and publications, and arts programming. He can help your group with reserving a space for an event, budgeting, and brainstorming ideas. He can also provide a outside voice to prompt reflection on event purpose and logistics. He is particularly interested in the intersections between art and advocacy.

What Might You Want to Connect with Jun For? 
He is especially passionate about organizing for gender, sexuality, and race/ethnicity-related organizations and causes. He has organized discussions over topics ranging from mixed-race Asian identity to navigating the Swarthmore campus as a trans person.

Zain's Role on the Team:

He is a Strategy Consultant for the IC, meaning he is one of the liaisons between the IC itself and the IC student groups; planning logistics, creating projects for the IC as a whole 

Zain's Areas of Expertise & Passion:

Logistical Planning, Community Building, Event Planning 

What Might You Want to Connect With Zain For?

Reach out to him for resources on effective event planning, logistics for funding, booking spaces, event content and advertisement, and as a general resource to connect to the IC. 

Jasmine's Role on the Team:

Her main role is to help valuable ideas and visions come to fruition by any means necessary. Additionally, she believes in the necessity of bringing visibility to the lived experiences, productions, and accomplishments of her community members. 

Jasmine's Areas of Expertise & Passion:

Art as social change, event-planning, strategic decision making, connecting people, research, funding, publications, and creative consulting. She spearheads the IC zine-publication VISIBILITY magazine.  

What Might You Want to Connect With Jasmine For?

Reach out to Jasmine for support with campus events and initiatives, as well as any questions regarding logistics, funding sources, and localized resources. Additionally, you are always welcome to share with her resources and events of interest that may be of value to the IC collective at large. She is down to brainstorm and create whenever possible—especially over coffee. 

Bappe's Role on the Team:

His role is to assist with the ideation process as well as implementing them into fruition. Bappe is skilled with vision work, planning events, and analyzing ways in which student experiences can be enhances on campus. 

Bappe's Areas of Expertise & Passion:

Bappe is passionate about issues of the Middle East and South Asia. He is involved with the Muslim Student Association on campus as well as low-income groups on campus. He loves to play pick up basketball, bump music, and to explore Capoeira. 

What Might You Want to Connect With Bappe For?

Come to Bappe with any abstract idea or thought for your group or projects on campus. He is able to find funds on campus and can help catapult ideas. He can also connect you with other resources on campus and can help you collaborate with other groups. He is always ready to provide a helping hand or a listening ear. 

PRAXIS Fellows 

Keton is a sophomore from Sans Point, New York.  Intrigued by theories of interpretation and communication, they intend to conduct a double major in English and Computer Science. Their hobbies include bouldering, backpacking, and laughing to themselves.  An aspiring fiction writer, Keton publishes periodic updates of their work on the site Medium, of which they are enamored.  You can find some of their work at

Meghan's Role on the Team:

As a Social Justice Program Coordinator on the Praxis Fellows Team, she works with students, faculty, and staff to create workshops, spaces, and programs that push us to lean into the discomfort that precedes social change. 

Meghan's Areas of Expertise & Passion:

Intergroup dialogue, community consciousness, self-discovery and identity development, coalition building, educational theory/pedagogy

What Might You Want to Connect With Meghan For?

Reach out to Meghan to brainstorm ways to create a more welcoming, inclusive campus culture

Asma's Role on the Team:

Asma's role on the IC team as a Coalitions Coordinator involves working to encourage collaborations between student groups, faculty, and staff to address broader changes to foster a more inclusive and supportive campus culture.

Asma's Expertise and Passion:

Asma has been involved with the Muslim Students Association, DESHI, and Swarthmore Quest Scholars on campus. She is passionate about working to support the IC in providing a go to space for students of all backgrounds to share their experiences and to learn from new perspectives.

What Might you Want to Connect with Asma For?

Brainstorming goals for the positive impact you or your student groups want to have on the Swarthmore community and finding ways that this can be supported by the IC team as a whole.
Thinking creatively about how students groups can use collaboration to gain greater visibility on campus and to explore new perspectives.
Building connections between the Interfaith and IC communities.

Intercultural Center Staff

Imaani El-Burki

Assistant Dean & Director, Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center


  1. Phone: (610) 328-7360

Reach out to Dean Imaani El-Burki for needs related to:

  • First point of contact for questions about the IC in general 

  • Campus and community partnerships

  • Representation on behalf of the Intercultural Center

  • Funding requests

  • Support as your student dean

Maggie Hussar

Assistant Director, Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center


  1. Phone: (610) 690-5740
  2. Hormel-Nguyen Intercultural Center 102

Reach out to Maggie Hussar for needs related to:

  • Intercultural internship
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Student group advising and support for Heritage Month Committees
Maggie Hussar