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Working with Institutional Relations

The Institutional Relations office works with members of the Swarthmore faculty, staff, and administration to secure funds from private and public organizations. We work closely with members of the Swarthmore community throughout the grant-writing process:

  • identifying sources of funding,
  • communicating with program officers,
  • drafting proposals,
  • securing internal support for in-kind contributions,
  • submitting proposals,
  • negotiating awards, and
  • stewarding donors during project implementation. 

In the past several years, Institutional Relations has worked with faculty, staff, and College leaders to secure support for new faculty positions, embedded learning programs, and special projects in the library and special collections. 

Institutional Relations works closely with Sponsored Programs. If you are not sure which office you should work with to prepare your proposal, please contact us (David Foreman at or Tania Johnson at and we will determine the best fit for your needs. 

Forms and Project Management Policies and Responsibilities

All proposals submitted to outside funding agencies by Institutional Relations must be reviewed and approved by the College's leadership. Both Institutional Relations and Sponsored Programs use the same forms for proposal review and submission. 

Principal investigators (PIs) responsible for managing institutional proposals must follow applicable College policies. All PIs for institutional grants should follow the College's guidelines for grant management