Service Award Program FAQ's

If I am receiving the 25 year service award, will I be able to select the College captains chair or rocking chair?

Twenty-five year award recipients will be able to select either from the College gifts or the C. A. Short gift catalog. They can choose one of the traditional College gifts: captains' chair, rocker, clock or the Adirondack chair by contacting the Human Resources office at ext. 8397.

When will I receive the C. A. Short gift catalogue and how do I place my order?

At the Winter Gathering you will receive a presentation packet that includes a letter from the President, an award certificate and the catalogue for your service award category. There will be an order card inside the catalogue that you can use to place your order.

How long does it take to receive my gift once I place the order?

Your gift is shipped within 2 to 5 days of order placement.

What happens if my gift arrives and there is a problem with it?

You will call the C. A. Short customer service number at 1-800-535-5690 and speak with a "live" representative (not voice mail) who has the power to resolve the problem on the spot. The average resolution time is between 5 and 20 minutes.

If I am unable to attend the Winter Gathering what should I do?

Be sure to advise the Human Resources office. You can call ext. 8397 or e-mail human resources. You can make arrangements to pick-up your presentation packet in the Human Resources office in Pearson 110.

What if I don't find anything in the C. A. Short catalogue that I like? Can I get a gift certificate instead?

With the number and variety of gifts available in each service award category you should be able to find an attractive gift. The gift catalogue will have an assortment of traditional gifts, jewelry, home and leisure items, tools, and outdoors and electronic equipment. Anyone with difficulty making a selection can contact the Human Resources office at ext. 8397 for assistance.

What if the gift I select proves to be defective?

C. A. Short fully guarantees all products from design mistakes and manufacturers' defects for one full year. If, for any reason the product proves to be defective C. A. Short will replace the damaged item, no questions asked and will incur all costs associated with returned or replaced items. You are not required to have the original shipping materials.

What if I don't like the gift I selected after I receive it?

C. A. Short has a complete satisfaction guarantee policy on all selected awards. If you are not completely satisfied with the selected gift, you can return or exchange the gift for a different item, no questions asked. They will incur all costs associated with the return/exchange. You are not required to have the original shipping materials.

What happens if I don't make a gift selection?

C. A. Short will send you two reminders to order your gift. If you have not placed an order in 90 days, they will automatically send you a "default" gift. The default gift is a pre-selected clock for your award category identified in your gift catalog by a double (**) in the traditional section.