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IC Collective Student Organization Meetings

IC Collective Student Organization Meetings

This page is a central location for keeping track of what events are going on within the IC Collective, and student groups across the BCC, WRC, and Interfaith. If you represent a group who wants your events to appear on this calendar, please contact Hanan Ahmed for additional information.

To view the Unified Calendar featuring events from the IC, Interfaith, International Center, BCC, and WRC, click here

Weekly Meetings of IC Collective Groups are listed below:

Student Organization Day Time Place
COLORS Tuesday (bi-weekly) 7p IC Big Room
Deshi Sunday 7p Essie Mae's
ENLACE Friday 7p ENLACE Room
MSA Tuesday 5p Clothier 3rd Floor
MSA Jummah Prayer Friday 1:15p IC Big Room
Multi Friday (biweekly) 4:30 IC Big Room
QuestBridge Thursday 6:30p Sharples 209
SISA Sunday 7p Clothier 219
SOLIS Tuesday (bi-weekly) 8p IC Big Room
SQU Monday 8p IC Big Room
ORAA Thursday 7:30p IC Big Room