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Search FAQs

Due to the high volume of applications and inquiries, we have tried to anticipate and answer a few common questions below. If your question has not been answered, it will not be uncommon to experience a few days to a week in response time. We thank you for being patient.

Q: Does the History Department prefer a particular research or teaching focus and specialization?

A: The position is open to all candidates who research and teach 20th- and 21st-Century U.S. history without preference for specialization.

Q: Would a PhD in a field other than history be considered?

A: Yes, though the applicant should be able to meet all of our requirements in the job description, such as teaching the survey and upper level classes in 20th- and 21st-century US history.

Q: Will you accept hard copies?

A: In order to keep the process the same for all applicants, no. You must all apply and have your references uploaded on the Interfolio site.

Q: Can an applicant submit more than three letters of recommendation?

A: No, Interfolio will only accept a maximum of three letters from applicants. Please do not have any additional letters forwarded to the History Department.

Q: Can I (or should I) submit a separate teaching or research statement.

A: No. All applicants should describe their teaching and research, as requested in the job advertisement, in their cover letters.

Q: Will you interview candidates at the AHA?

A: The AHA no longer hosts interviews at the annual conference, and recommends that we utilize video conferencing. (See the AHA's interviewing guidelines). We have Zoom on campus and plan to conduct video interviews in December. We will then bring finalists to campus in the early part of our spring semester.

If your question is still unanswered, please email the search committee chair.