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GSST 20 Theory and Methodology Transnational Feminist Theory

Blow by Dhruvi Acharya

This course introduces perspectives in feminist theory from domestic U.S. and global contexts in order to ask:  How do the contributions of women of colour in the U.S. and of feminist movements in the "Third World" radically reshape the form and content of feminist politics?

Through critical inquiry into major texts in transnational feminist studies, this class dynamically reconceptualizes the relationship between women and nation; between gender, sexuality and globalization; and between feminist theory and practice.

Cross-listed with ENGL 082.  

GSST 20. Theory and Methodology is required for all GSST minors and special majors.

Instructor:  Bakirathi Mani, Associate Professor of English Literature

Wednesdays, 1:15-4:00 p.m.