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Elizabeth Bond Award

The Elizabeth Bond Award was initiated in the early 1980's, shortly after the Women's Studies program was established, to recognize a member of the Swarthmore College community for her or his contributions to Women's Studies at the college. The award also recognizes Elizabeth Bond, who was the Dean of Women at the college from 1890 to 1906.

2009 Diane Anderson
2008 Sunka Simon
2007 Aya Ezawa
2006 Jenny Gifford
2005 Patty White and Tamsin Lorraine
2004 Amy Bug
2003 Sunka Simon
2002 Pat James and Carolyn Lesjak
2001 Lisa Cohen
2000 Jeanne Marecek
1999 Lisa Hajjar and Nora Johnson
1998 Sunka Simon
1995 Jeanne Marecek
1994 Alex Juhasz
1993 Alex Juhasz
1992 Anne Menke
1991 Jim England and Abbe Blum
1989 Susan Wilhannon and Nat Anderson
1988 Bob DuPlessis and Valerie Traub
1987 Joy Charlton
1986 Marjorie Murphy
1985 Jeanne Marecek