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Research Support

Carnegie Library reading room
Funding Opportunities
  • Moore Research Fellowship: The Margaret W. Moore and John M. Moore Research Fellowship provides a research stipend to promote research that uses the resources of the Friends Historical Library and/or the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.
  • Funding for Student Researchers: The Moore Student Fellowship (a $500 stipend to complete a 30 hour fellowship) supports research on a topic of your choice in the College Archives, Friends Historical Library, or the Peace Collection.
  • Quaker Research Fellowships and Libraries: Discover additional research resources from this list maintained by the Friends Historical Association.
General Research Help

Researchers at the Library are our priority, but if you are off-site and need help, we will be happy to:

  • Answer questions of a general nature or about things for which we may readily find the answer.
  • Refer you to an independent researcher or genealogist experienced using Quaker resources.
  • Create and provide low or high resolution images of our materials. (See more details on off-site requests for copies and scans, below.)

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to do research for off-site patrons

Copies and scans in the Reading Room
  • Photographs: Personal devices may be used to photograph our materials. There is also an iPad patrons may use at no charge for taking photographs.
  • Photocopies: Researchers may use the photocopier at no charge, but since may of our materials are too fragile to be copied, staff must give permission.
  • Microfilm Readers + Printing: A microfilm e-reader and an analog reader with a printer are both available for patron use at no charge.
Off-site requests for copies and scans

Use this form to find detailed information for requesting high resolution scans for personal use or publication. We suggest a $25 donation for the scans (via this page with the relevant collection in the designation field) and if applicable, a complimentary copy of your publication.