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Funding for student researchers

friends historical library

Swarthmore students: apply now for a Moore Student Fellowship supporting research on a topic of your choice in the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College (FHL) or Swarthmore College Peace Collection (SCPC). Successful recipients will receive a $500 stipend to spend one week (full time), in either or both collections, before June 30, 2019. This could be the perfect opportunity to get paid to work on your thesis or other research project!

What are some topics you could research at FHL or SCPC?

  • Peace, nonviolence, pacifism, and conscientious objection
  • Quaker history and spirituality
  • Women’s history, including political rights and feminism; women in social reform movements

  • African-American history, including abolition and Civil rights
  • Native American rights
  • Environmental activism

  • Prison reform
  • Humane treatment of the mentally ill
  • Swarthmore College history
  • Swarthmore Borough history

If you have a topic idea but aren’t sure where to start or what collections to use, please email or for ideas or suggestions. We can discuss possibilities with you over email or schedule an in-person appointment.

Eligibility: The Moore Student Fellowship opportunity is available to current Swarthmore College students only. All others (including Swarthmore College faculty and staff, as well as outside applicants) are encouraged to apply for the Moore Research Fellowship through a separate application process (click here).

Requirements: Recipient must spend one week in Friends Historical Library and/or Peace Collection before June 30, 2019. Please note that the libraries are open 8:30a-4:30p, Monday through Friday and you are expected to spend the bulk of each day in the FHL and/or SCPC. On your last day, you must give a very brief, very informal presentation (discussion) to FHL and SCPC staff about your research.

Housing: Housing arrangements are not provided as part of this fellowship. You are expected to secure your own on- or off-campus housing as needed. If you are living in college housing, note that you can stay over spring or fall break without making any special arrangements, but to stay extra time during the summer or winter break you must contact Isaiah J. Thomas, Director of Residential Communities, at

Application procedure: Complete this application form and email it to Celia at Applicants must also provide one letter of recommendation. Ask your reference to email their letter to Celia at

Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. No more than four fellowships will be awarded in the 2018-2019 school year, so apply soon!

Questions? Email Celia at