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Plumer Potter Fiction Awards

2020 Awards

Judged by author Asali Solomon


1st Place: Clio Hamilton '22 for Persephone Redux

"This piece is both wildly imaginative and deeply imagined. I really loved the collapsing of time and exploring the contemporary resonance of the myth of Persephone. There were a lot of exquisite images and some great jokes. (What does Hades have on his bookshelf? Jonathan Franzen). The piece mixes terror, humor and great wisdom."

2nd Place: Grace Griego '22 for Robot Girl

"This story’s use of tech jargon to explore what our society demands of girls and women – as well as one girl’s awakening sexuality is clever, moving and inventive. The voice is very compelling."

3rd Place: Maya Kikuchi '20 for Momotaro

"First things last – the ending of this story is truly sublime. It imparts a moment of weird tenderness in a story driven by sleek violence. I also really enjoyed the mix of absurdism and social commentary here."

Honorable Mention: Sagnik Gayen for Nazir

"The narrative voice of this story is extremely compelling and the story has a truly great final paragraph. The story is ambitious in its material and its perspective."


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