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Additional Options of Study

Double Majors

Students may, with the department’s permission, pursue a double major either as part of the Course or Honors Program. Double majors must fulfill all the major requirements in both departments.

For a double major in honors, one major is used as the honors major and the other is often used as the honors minor. Consult with the department chair for further details.

Special Majors

A special major may be designed by a student in consultation with faculty advisors. If English is the central department, students must fulfill most of the regular requirements and have a minimum of 5 English Department credits as part of the special major. Students must take at least one course in two of the three English Literature historical periods. Students must consult with the various departments or programs involved in the special major and have all departments or programs approve the plan of study. Only one integrative comprehensive exercise is required. Students may also do a special honors major with four related preparations in different departments.

Teacher Certification

English Literature majors may complete the requirements for English certification through a program approved by the State of Pennsylvania. For further information about the relevant set of English and Educational Studies requirements, please refer to the Educational Studies web site.