Major Applications

Applications for the major in English Literature are considered in the spring of the sophomore year. Each student will, under the guidance of a faculty adviser, present a reasoned plan of study for the last two years. This plan will be submitted to the department and will be the basis of the departmental discussion of the student's application for a major. The plan will include a list of proposed courses and seminars that will satisfy the requirements for either the Course or Honors Program and a rationale for the program of study.

Such applications are normally considered at a meeting of all department members. Each student is discussed individually. The department has never established a minimum grade point average, nor are certain courses weighted in this discussion more heavily than others. A record of less than satisfactory work in English would certainly give us pause, however, unless it were attributable to circumstances other than academic ability. Students who want to include the English major as part of a double major must have a record of strong work in both majors as well as in other courses.

Students are eligible for seminars in the department regardless of their choice of Honors or Course Majors. Admission to seminars will be based on a student's prior academic work, her/his ability to interact well in a small class situation, and the shape of the larger course of study articulated in the sophomore paper. For oversubscribed seminars, priority will normally be given to Honors Majors and Minors.

The minimum requirement for consideration for the major, minor, or admission to any seminar is at least two courses in English.