Honors Seminars

Fall 2015 

Group I: (pre-1830)
114. Early Americn Media Cultures Cohen
Group II: (post-1830)

118. Modern Poetry

119. Black Cultural Studies  Foy

Spring 2016 (tentative)

Group I: (pre-1830)
101. Shakespeare*  Song
Group II: (post-1830)
111. Victorian Literature & Culture  Buurma
117. Theories & Literatures of Globalizations  Mani

Fall 2016 (tentative)

20th & 21st century:  
116. American Literature Schmidt
117. Theories of Globalization Mani

Spring 2017 (tentative)

Medieval/Renaissance:  101. Shakespeare


18th/19th century: 110. Romanticsm Bolton
20th/21st century:  121. Modernism and Forgetting Patnaik

Students should consult periodically with the Department about possible changes.