First-Year Courses

English courses available to first-year students include the following:

English 001F, 001G and 002A are special writing-intensive courses

Strong writing skills are essential for success at Swarthmore; these courses are highly recommended. (Note that 001F, 001G, and 002A do not serve as English Literature introductory courses and do not count toward the major.)

First Year Seminars in English Literature (English 008A-Z and 009A-Z)

These courses are limited to 12 students. A lottery is conducted when a course is oversubscribed. They emphasize reading, analysis, discussion, and writing and count as "W" courses for distribution requirements. First Year Seminars are offered in the Fall and Spring.

First-year students who wish to take an introductory English literature course (English 008A-Z and 009A-Z) in the fall must participate in the department lottery process by pre-registering online in the usual way. Students are only allowed to pre-register for one first-year English seminar.

Lottery results will be posted online.  Students lotteried out may then sign up for any available spaces in other English seminars.