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English Department Alumni

Class of 2018: what are their plans?


Sophie Basalone

​Claremont School of Information and Library Science MA

Daniel Dellal

​Temporary employment, then graduate school in 2-3 years.


Willa Glickman

Publishing and editing, NYC


Heidi Kalloo

Assistant Program Coordinator for the Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania. The Kelly Writers house hosts public programs and events, such as readings, screenings, lectures, and workshops, and provides a space for writers to work, write, and collaborate. 
Heidi is also working on her first novel.


Colin McLeish

Medical school, Dartmouth


Lindsey Norward

Graduate school, NYU


Bobby Zipp

Postgraduate Admissions Fellow at Swarthmore in summer 2018, then on to a postgraduate fellowship as a college counselor at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Greece. Afterwards, Bobby is considering attending business school or working in philanthropy, journalism, or college access.


News about other English Literature alumni

Nora Battelle '17 is writing for Los Angeles Review of Books and Awl.

Mary Mannion ’17  After a year working for J. P. Morgan, she is entering the MFA program in fiction at SUNY Stonybrook with a full scholarship.

Alessandra Occhiolini '17 is working at the Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia.

Mira Revesz '17 teaches English at Masterman High School, Philadelphia.

Jacob Oet ’16  - MFA program in poetry, Syracuse University.

Jocelyn Hawley ’15 - MFA in poetry, full scholarship, U of Alabama

Julian Randall (‘15)’s first book of poetry won the prestigious Cave Canem Prize and will be published next year by the University of Pittsburgh Press.  He is in an MFA program in poetry at the University of Mississippi.