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Off-Campus Study Credit

Study Abroad

Off-Campus Study Credit

Students who plan to study away from Swarthmore should consult with the department far enough in advance of such study to effect proper planning of a major or minor. Honors majors in particular should discuss the impact of study abroad on their honors program with the chair and departmental honors advisor. 

In determining which courses of study will meet department criteria for requirements or credit toward a major or minor, the department will rely both on its experience in evaluating the work of students returning from these programs and on careful examination of course descriptions, syllabi, and schedules. In general, to earn one Swarthmore College credit, we expect a course elsewhere to provide 30 contact hours, to require roughly 20 pages of writing, as well as a reading list roughly comparable to a Swarthmore English course’s reading list. 

Course credits for literature in English should be approved before you leave, but no course credits are finally awarded until you present your completed work upon your return to Swarthmore.  Beginning with the Fall 2019 semester, you will need to take one English course at Swarthmore to gain credit for an English course taken during study abroad.

Students planning Study Abroad from Swarthmore should contact the Off-Campus Study Office for additional information and resources, including important information about the credit pre-estimation and approval processes.

Students seeking credit for domestic (USA) off-campus study will need to work with the registrar, the English course credit consultant, and possibly the deans. To find out who the current course credit consultant is for English Literature, contact the department chair or administrative assistant.