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23-24 Courses for 1st-Year Students

CourSE Name


FALL 2023 FYS*  
Literature and Law (W) (ENGL 009A, FYS*)

Intro to Latinx Literature & Culture (W)

(ENGL 009F, FYS*)
Imagining Natural History (ENGL 009L, FYS*)
Refugee: Resettled in Philadelphia (ENGL 009P, FYS*)
Grendel's Workshop (W) (ENGL 009R, FYS*) 

Fall  2023 Gateway**


Monsters, Marvels, and Mysteries: Beowulf to Paradise Lost (ENGL 010, Gateway**)
Shakespeare (ENGL 020, Gateway**)
The Rise of the Novel (W) (ENGL 035, Gateway**)
Fall 2023 New Courses  
Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry Workshop (ENGL 070E)
SPRING 2024 FYS*  
Narcissus and the History of Reflection (ENGL 009E, FYS*)
Revolution and Revolt (ENGL 009J, FYS*)
SPRING 2024 Gateway**  
Comedy (W) (ENGL 011, Gateway**)
Old English/History of the Language (ENGL 014, Gateway**)
Tolkien and Pullman & Their Literary Roots (ENGL 046, Gateway**)

* FYS – First Year Seminar

** Gateway – Open to first-year students through seniors, Gateway courses are designed to be excellent first (or second) English literature courses for any student; there are no prerequisites. Gateway courses pay special attention to one or more of the following: close reading, historical context, secondary (i.e., theoretical or critical) reading, or genre.