2018 Philip M. Hicks and Susan Snyder Awards

2018 Hicks Prize for Literary Criticism

1st Prize

Anna Weber '19: The (Un)Comfortable Woman: Ugly Feelings in Erika Sánchez’s Poetry

Honorable Mention

Colette Gerstmann '18: A “Disappearing Act “: Jefferson, Chesnutt, and American Invisibility

Willa Glickman '18: Reality at the Point and Periphery in Stevens’ An Ordinary Evening in New Haven

2018 Snyder Prize for Best Critical Essay by a First-Year Student

1st Prize

Twan Sia ‘21: Wisdom Beyond His Years: A Teen’s Reflection on Negritude

Sarah Wheaton ‘21: Towards an Honest Interpretation:  Cliché and Sarcasm in Eichmann in Jerusalem

Honorable Mention

Shaoni White ‘21: No Place Like Home: Oz as a Template for Imperialist Portal Fantasy

Nicole Liu ‘21: The Evolution of “Snow” in Winter Conception

More about the Susan Snyder Prize

Susan Snyder was a Renaissance scholar, and a valued teacher in the Department of English Literature at Swarthmore for 24 years.  Her  books include editions of A Winter’s Tale & All’s Well That Ends Well; an edited collection of essays on Othello; the monographs The Comic Matrix of Shakespeare’s Tragedies: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear, 1979; Pastoral Process: Spenser, Marvell, Milton, 1998; and Shakespeare: A Wayward Journey, a collection of essays published posthumously in 2002.  The Snyder prize celebrates her dedication to the scholar’s life as a model for our students’ work in criticism.