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2018 Morrell - Hayes Poetry Contest

Lines of note from poetry submissions:

“When midnight sank as stained blinds in bent houses…”

—Gilbert Orbea


“…she pries it out of re-scabbed puncture

to tell folk tales in her mother’s voice,

constellated limbs as crimson night sky…”

—Diane Lee


“On storm mornings, I’m a scratched kitchen.

Milk in my eyes, bread in my chest.”

 —Colette Gerstmann


“The old always has one hand holding your heart and the other holding the beautiful”

—Christian Alfaro


“And she sees the White Dragons sleeping in the craters of the moon”

—Shail Modi


“I swallow iron supplements and stones,

fill myself with heavy earth.”

—Arthur Davis


“Mud dancers swelled and ink filled their bellies,

They threw it up and prayers spilled through the field.”

—Ian Palmer